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The Valentine’s cards every Soton student wants to get from their admirers

With these you’re absolutely guaranteed to secure a bae

So. It's Valentine's Day. Maybe you're with your bae, gazing longingly into each other's eyes over a romantic dinner. Or, more realistically, today you are the most single you've ever been, and will be spending V-Day downing wine and crying about that boy who shagged and then proceeded to ghost you last month.

Whatever you're doing today, here are some Soton-themed cards to send to your Vals, your pals, your Tinder matches, and random people you've got with in Jesters. These cards are all guaranteed to end in a date, so you're welcome:

The purest love in the whole wide world

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The most romantic poem you'll ever receive

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Can't go wrong with some cheesy chips

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For your library bae

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A true hero x

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Ready for a V-Day spoon?

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I would do this for NO ONE

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Who could possibly say no to this??

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Ur love is a drug

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How sweet x

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Tickle my Jesticles?

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For my soulmate xxx

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To inject a bit of culture into the mix

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If you know, you know

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Brb sending this to every fuck boy I've ever met

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It's never-ending, baby

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