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We went clubbing in pyjamas with no makeup and we’d do it all over again

It was truly life-changing

We all know student life is time-consuming. There simply aren’t enough hours in the day for lectures, work, gym, library, a social life, sleep and…more.

Ever wanted to go out but the thought of getting ready puts you off? After hours of intense studying at uni, storming through makeup and outfit ideas seems exhausting. You just wish you could go out as you are.

Well, girls, and glamorous guys of Southampton – wonder no more. For we have braved the bare face, ditched the tight fiddly bodysuits and are here to tell you our tale.

We chose Oceana on a Wednesday (the haven of sports socials) as our venue, thinking of ourselves as our own three-piece no makeup society. Here's how it went:

8pm – getting ready

No getting ready needed. Of course we were already in our pyjamas, the attire being almost flung on to us Wallace and Gromit-style the minute we return from a day at uni.

One of us was hard at work, being the most studious of the group, and had to be coaxed out of her dedication to the study by some good ol' fashioned disco-lights.

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I was procrastinating already tbh

A spritz of perfume – we couldn't deny ourselves that – and we were ready to go!

9pm – pre-drinks

As we're sipping our vodka squashes, we begin to question our plans. Should we really do this? Maybe let’s just tuck ourselves into bed – we're already in our pyjamas aren't we? Should we bring a cup of chamomile? The debate came to a halt when we reached a consensus: let's go out.

We wanted a boogie, and could hear the cheese room dance floor calling our names.

10:30pm – the queue

The bright lights of the Oceana queue illuminated our bare-faces and casual attires. But we're going in. It's happening.

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Our outfits were quite the conversation starters and gained us some friends in the queue! We even found an abandoned dressing gown – someone must’ve had the same genius idea…

11pm – we're in

As we entered main room, we realised there was actually a pyjama social on that night. Call it fate if you wish but we call it home. We were still apprehensive, feeling as though everyone was staring at us and our hideous-ness, but we were determined to enjoy ourselves. Viva la fiesta!

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It didn't take us long before we were getting the shots in. After all, we needed the confidence.

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Dutch courage never hurt anyone

We picked up a couple of VKs and we were off.

12am – hiding from photographers

"We'd rather leave this one to our blurry phone cameras, thanks babes" we said, as the photographers circled us (it seemed) – probably recognising us as the girls all done up, who usually pester them all night.

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Too shy too shy

1:30am – feeling footloose

We found mates, old and new, dancing until our hearts were content (approx. 2am).

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Bustin' a move in the curve room

We even managed to take a boy home! Only to the extent of our kitchen sofa though, and we considered it as more of an act of charity for our temporarily homeless friend (he got locked out).

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Us and said homeless friend

Although slightly slurred and incomprehensible, a stranger even approached us with a beaming compliment that we were the ‘fittest girls in the club’ – let’s hope he meant that.

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This is the boy who called us the 'fittest girls in the club'

Maybe boys really do like the natural look.

Anyway, we didn't care what the boys thought. Because we were dancing away feeling comfy and carefree.

2:30am – food

Not wearing makeup and wearing pyjamas is hungry work, believe us. We couldn't resist the temptation of that sexy little hotdog stand.

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Tasty stuff

3:00am – ready for bed

Technically, we'd been ready for bed all night. But now we actually felt like it.

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Up the wooden hill to Bedfordshire

All tucked up, having put our friend to bed on the sofa, we were shattered. The only water we needed was to help ease the hangover in the morning – none of that micellar water…well, maybe a tad to get all the cheese-room grime off.

Final thoughts

With nights out every week, almost every day at different clubs, a fresh outfit and fresh face is tiring. It can be refreshing to ditch the mascara, put aside the foundation brush and slip into some fuzzy pjs – without compromising your desires to go out to the club.

Obviously, how much makeup one wears shouldn’t be measured by quantity of product but how much confidence it makes one feel – so whether you’re MUA or MIA on the makeup scene, got a 9am the next morning or a day off, trying this is defo worth it and proved to be a lot of fun!

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Night-out without makeup and in pyjamas? Completed it mate.