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Dani Dyer tweeted about how ‘beautiful’ Soton is and we’re confused

She’s clearly not in Portswood

Yesterday, two mad things happened: Dani Dyer came to Southampton, and she said the city was "so beautiful" she wants to come on holiday here.

Dani, are u okay hun???

Understandably, the people of Soton were very confused because, well, it's Southampton. Here's what everyone had to say:

Southampton is pretty much the opposite of "beautiful"

Why would anyone willingly come here, let alone for a holiday?

Where is she???

Why is Dani Dyer in Southampton?

Love Island 2018 winner Dani is in Southampton because she's currently playing Polly Parker in the UK tour of Nativity! The Musical, a musical based on the Christmas film (you know, the one with bangers like "Things are really cool in Nazareth").

She was in the musical in 2018, alongside her dad Danny Dyer, and Dani's back getting that bread again this year.

The show is at The Mayflower Theatre from 3-7 December, so you've still got time to grab tickets if you want to see Dani in the flesh – or you never know, you might find her in West Quay, Manzils or Hartley, enjoying Southampton's rich and "beautiful" culture to the max.

What else is Dani Dyer doing in Southampton?

Dani posted this on her Instagram story yesterday morning of her at HarBar on the 6th – a rooftop bar at Southampton Harbour Hotel.

This means she's likely either staying here or somewhere else in Ocean Village. Her calling Soton "beautiful" makes a bit more sense now, as realistically this is the only place in Southampton with minimal rats.

Dani hasn't been posting much else on her social media accounts. We slid into her DM's to see what she's been up to around Southampton but she hasn't replied. Tragic.

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Have you seen Dani Dyer around Southampton? Message us on Instagram @sotontab!

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