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Here’s what Soton Men’s Lax team look like with their Movember moustaches

They’ve been doing challenges too and warning: They’re all shocking

It comes as no surprise that Southampton's Men's Lacrosse Team, The Tridents, are taking part in the brilliant cause that is Movemeber this year, and doing some cracking challenges as well as growing their 'taches.

Movember, in aid of men's mental health and suicide prevention, is a cause that has grown enormously and should make Southampton University proud (yes, that is possible).

Not only are Men's Lax taking part, loads of other Soton societies are also in on Movember – HistSoc have raised over £900 already.

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The Tridents

The Lax lads are growing moustaches (some well, some slightly less well), and are also pledging to do some pretty crazy challenges if they reach their targets in fundraising as a team. They've raised over £1,400 (!!!) so will be doing these challenges very soon.

Norman Struthers, Social Sec, pledged to shave his head when they reached £550, along with team member George O'Rorke.

Not only are you donating to a brilliant cause, you're making sure Norman stands out even more with no hair, alongside his very strong Canadian accent.

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The Tridents' Social Sec Norman

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Tim Biovert

If Lax members Albie Wilson and Rueben George win their RAG competition, they will very happily get "Up The Tridents" tattooed in Latin.

At a very fair £600, Albie will also dye his blonde 'tache black until the New Year.

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Rueben sporting a strong 'tache. Oh go on then… (cue Eddie Hearn)

At £650, Harry Champion is willing to get his nose pierced.

In true '90s style, Will Beatie has pledged to get frosted tips when the team reach £800. Think of those Justin Timberlake vibes…

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Will Beatie

Regardless of all these challenges, any money raised is an amazing achievement and contributing to a better society for us all to live in.

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Aadam Butt

We're proud of you, lads!

To donate to Lax's team and support the brilliant Movember cause, click here!

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