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Fire brigade called after Solent student blows up fridge trying to de-ice it

‘We heard sizzling and smelt gas then it exploded’

A fire engine was called to a Solent University student's house after their fridge "exploded" while they were trying to de-ice it.

Kelsey Christine told The Soton Tab their freezer had been "overflowing" with ice "for about two months" before they decided to use a "hairdryer, a knife, and a spatula" to de-ice it on Wednesday night.

She told The Soton Tab: "When we got to the back of the freezer I think one of the knives cut a tiny gas chord behind the ice. Next thing we heard sizzling and smelt gas – it was horrible. Then it exploded.

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Kelsey told The Soton Tab: We used a hairdryer, knife, and spatula. Then the other person was sweeping the ice into the dustpan and brush then the other person was mopping the water behind."

The house had "no clue" how the freezer had ended up that way.

"It was like that for about two months," Kelsey told The Soton Tab. "The ice was so overflowing that the freezer door didn't shut, so the kitchen was so cold and we'd had enough of it."

After the "small but loud" explosion the students called the fire brigade, who "sorted it out" and took the fridge away.

Kelsey later tweeted pictures of the fridge and the fire engine with the caption: "Normal Wednesday at uni. I hate it here."

"We're pissed but glad we're getting a new fridge," she later said. "The fire brigade and the landlord all saw the funny side of it but so glad no one got hurt."

Kelsey confirmed their landlord had agreed to pay for a new fridge, adding: "The new fridge is arriving today!"

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