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Soton’s January exam timetable is out!!!

The moment we’ve all been waiting for

The University of Southampton's exam timetable for January has been released.

You can find the list of exam times and dates here – use Ctrl+F and search for your module code to find yours.

The exam dates are Monday 13th January until Friday 24th January 2020. There's also the possibility of having Saturday exams, so you could have one on the 18th or 25th January.

Remember, exams can change because of "exceptional circumstances" so always make sure you double check your exams here.

Individual exam timetables are being put on SUSSED by the 16th December – there you'll be able to see the definite time and date, exam room and your seat number. Fun, fun, fun.

You can find the list of exam times and dates here.

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