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Revealed: Soton is the second most Brexit Party uni in the UK

Nearly 6 per cent of us are planning on voting Brexit Party


More University of Southampton students are planning to vote for the Brexit Party than at almost any other UK university, The Soton Tab can reveal.

The Tab’s snap election survey asked over 2,000 students across the UK how they’re planning to vote in the December 12th General Election. It revealed that 5.77 per cent of Soton students are planning on voting Brexit Party.

This is in comparison to the just two per cent of all UK students who say they'll be voting for The Brexit Party. The only university city with more Brexit Party voters was Hull, where 9.52 per cent of students are planning on voting for them.

How will Soton students be voting?

The most popular party amongst Soton students are the Lib Dems, with 28.85 per cent of us planning on voting for them.

25 per cent of Soton students will be voting for Labour and another 25 per cent for the Tories. 11.54 per cent of Soton students are voting Green.

How will the rest of UK students be voting?

Overall, 40 per cent of all UK students are planning to vote Labour.

The Tab's survey also revealed 23 per cent and 22 per cent of UK students are going to vote Lib Dem and Tory, respectively.

Other universities with a lot of Brexit Party voters include Lincoln, where 5 per cent of students will be voting Brexit Party, UWE (4.76 per cent), and St Andrews (4.55 per cent).

Southampton and The Brexit Party

One of Southampton's constituencies, Southampton Itchen (which includes Mayflower Halls, The Polygon and Bedford Place) was won by the Conservatives by just 31 seats in the 2017 General Election and is the most marginal Tory seat in the country.

The Brexit Party will not be standing here, or in Romsey and Southampton North, which includes some of Highfield, Glen Eyre and Wessex Lane.

The Brexit Party's candidate for Southampton Test is Philip Crook. This constituency covers Portswood and some of Highfield, and is where many University of Southampton students live. Southampton Test was won with a strong Labour majority in the 2017 General Election.

Don't forget to register to vote! Register by 11:59pm on 26 November in order to vote in the General Election on December 12th.