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BOO! It’s Soton’s spookiest Halloween costumes this year

Prepare to be scurr

It's been a successful spooky szn in Soton – Portswood's shops were covered in extra cobwebs, Tinder baes were ghosted, and Insta has never seen so many pumpkin patch pics.

Nothing says Halloween though like a good ole costume and this year Soton students did not disappoint. Here are some of the best:

Oooh friends

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A for effort

George, Zach, Ryan (Football Studies) and Dan (Accountancy and Finance).

Let the Purge commence

Tabatha (Geography) and her mates killed it.

See EU later, or not

Tasneem (Civil Engineering) and Harriet (Nursing).

It's the sexy kitten look, obvs

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Gretchen Weiners who?

Charlie (Economics and French), Steve and James (Mechatronic Engineering) were feline just fine.

Soton's Finest

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An, Mia (Business Management), Zaina, Libbie (Criminology) and Izzy (Psychology).

A Scotsman, a witch doctor, Kimi Räikkönen and a cheerleader walk into a bar…

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I don't know either

Michael (Biomedicine), Ewan (Aeronautics) and Alex (Biomedicine).

Joker and Harley duo

Cameron (Film) and Emily (Psychology).

Classic Caesar and Cleopatra

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A mixed salad would go nicely

Alfie (History and Politics) and Karla (History).

By order of…

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The Peaky fucking Blinders

Alex (Philosophy and Politics) and her mates gave the Shelby fam a run for their money.


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Buzzing for it

Harry (Economics) and Harvey (Biology). You might recognise Harry as the winner of the UK's biggest BNOC competition.

Teletubbies gone WILD

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Tubby custard anyone?

Ceyda (Sociology and Criminology), Emily (Accounting and Finance), Emily (Science) and Holly (Biology).

Pumpkin spice

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Paige (Photography).

OG Purgers

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Lucy (English Language), Ella (Podiatry) and Lauren (Education).

Daphne and Velma

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Slaying. the. day.

Cameron (Social Work) and Lilian (Psychology).

Double trouble

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Katy (Zoology) and Sophie (Music).

Crayon twins

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James and Sam (Festival and Event Management).