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Southampton officially launches investigation into racist Mayflower FC video

The club was filmed chanting racial slurs on a bus

The University of Southampton has officially launched an investigation into the video of Mayflower FC chanting racial slurs on a bus, The Soton Tab can confirm.

Details of the investigation remain confidential.

Earlier this month, The Soton Tab obtained videos of members of Mayflower FC chanting "one naked n****r on the bus" on a social", whilst on the bus on their way to Oceana.

The full video of the chanting can be seen on The Soton Tab Instagram.

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When the videos surfaced, Mayflower FC's President said the video "could be interpreted as racism," and told The Soton Tab: "The video currently has no link to the club.

"This was an individuals mistake and not one."

In the aftermath of the video, the Social Sec of Mayflower FC resigned, saying: "You're represented by the company you keep and what does it say about me if I let myself be associated by racists. It's sickening."

The story made it into both The Daily Mail and The Sun, with the former labelling the chanting "disgusting" and "shocking."

The student who posted the video on Snapchat told The Soton Tab: "I never intended to say the word.

"I was drunk. I'm not racist."

The Soton Tab also recieved screenshots of the club's group chat, in which the boy who originally posted the Snapchat story says: "The bus journey was a highlight".

Other members of the society called the social "class" and "a good laugh".

Mayflower FC confirmed to The Soton Tab the player has since been removed from the club.

A spokesperson for The university said: "The disgraceful behaviour shown in this footage is completely the opposite of what we stand for as a diverse and inclusive University."

The President of Southampton's Afro-Caribbean Society told The Soton Tab: "The fact that alcohol is present in the situation also does nothing to lessen the offensiveness of their actions.

"Alcohol does not make a person racist, it simply exposes those who already are.

"The behaviour they exhibited was offensive and isn't reflective of Southampton's longstanding ethos and therefore should be handled as such.

"It's 2019 and Black people are still experiencing racism on a collateral scale.

"The fact we're still subject to this blatant abuse is appalling and it's more appalling that minimal is being done to rectify the conditions in which these racists thrive.

"Societies such as the Mayflower Football Club have become breeding grounds for ignorant and racist ideas to develop under the guise of 'we didn't know, it was just fun'."

The Soton Tab will update when the investigation's conclusion is announced.

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