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Meet Soton’s best dressed on campus: October edition

You’re all fit AND smart

It's the end of the first month back at uni. The nights are getting darker, the Bake Off final has been and gone, and Soton students are looking vibey as ever.

Yes, a lot of us gave up after day one and are now back in the trackies and gym gear, but a select few Soton students are coming to campus in banging outfits, fully glammed up, and generally looking fit af.

We went around campus to find out which Soton students have the fittest wardrobes:

Rob, Physiotherapy

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Rob kept it cosy but cool in this colour block sweatshirt and tartan scarf combo. He also unintentionally coordinated with the tree in the background, because he's a true fashion icon. The look was topped off by his gap-yah man bun. Edgy af.

Colleen, English

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Even on level one, which we all know is where the fit people go in Hartley, Colleen stood out from the crowd. She paired ripped blue jeans with a floral milkmaid crop and headband, and wrapped it up in a white fluffy jacket. Insta baddie vibes.

Alexandra, Biomedical Science

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Alexandra was rocking this tied white tee, paperbag jeans and grey teddy bear coat in the Hartley cafe. The scrunchie and layered gold necklaces really completed her effortlessly cool look.

Christian, Philosophy

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Philosophy grad Christian kept it smart casual with this button-up dark tee and skinny jeans. He's also Alexandra's boyf, and it's safe to say they make a v fit couple.

Amelia, Philosophy

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We found Amelia on level one of Hartley rocking her flares and this zebra print roll neck – perfect for an all-day library sesh! She had a turquoise glass water bottle with her too, because she's an eco-friendly Queen.

Bradley, Biology and Marine Biology

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Bradley rocked up to campus in a burgundy tee, grey joggers and black bomber jacket, completed with a silver chain and khaki rucksack. The combo was v street casual.

Elizabeth, Business Management

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Elizabeth told us she'd looked everywhere for a coat like this, and her favourite one ended up being this from Boohoo. A banging coat and an absolute bargain! She paired it with a black bodycon midi dress and some chunky lace up boots.

Jack, Aeronautics and Astronautics

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Jack gave off wavy vibes in an oversized Ralphy shirt with white tee underneath. His slouched grey jeans created a cool grunge aesthetic.

Matthew, Artificial Intelligence

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Matthew was king of colour coordination in his Fila zip up jacket and blue distressed jeans. He wore vans in a matching blue-grey colour. Oh and he accessorised his look with a vintage bicycle. We love.