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This Soton fitness influencer had her Insta hacked and lost 30,000 followers

‘I felt like I was going through a break up’

A University of Southampton student lost all access to her fitness Instagram account that had over 30,000 followers, as it was taken over by a hacker earlier this month.

Jasmine Buxton previously posted daily dietary tips and gym workouts, along with personal progress pics under the username @jaz__fit.

The account was running for eight months at the time the third-year Criminology student lost access to it.

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The account before it was hacked

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Celebratory photo taken when jaz__fit reached 10k followers

The account was hacked while she was in a lecture

She was in a lecture on the morning of Monday 7th October when she got an email from Instagram saying someone was trying to access her account from Turkey.

"By the time I had left the lecture and tried to go on the account, they had changed the password and I couldn’t get on," she told The Soton Tab.

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The account after it was hacked

The hacker even gained access to her emails, they changed her username, password and deleted every single post

Jasmine was able to stop the hacker at first, she said: "I watched YouTube tutorials about how to hack back into my account."

However, the hacker quickly regained control. They even hacked into her email address, deleting emails from Instagram that notified her of a password reset.

"I managed to recover the emails, change my password and get back into the account, but the hacker was extremely fast.

"The hacker managed to change my username, password and email address and delete every single post," she said.

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The username was changed multiple times

She tried to save the account but contacting Instagram was 'a lot harder than you think'

She then tried to retrieve her account by getting in touch with Instagram.

"There was no email address, no phone number, just a help centre with a lot of ‘frequently asked questions’, none of which had the answers I needed," she told The Soton Tab.

"I managed to open a support ticket and get an email for Instagram, who asked me to verify my identity to match the account."

To verify her identity and ownership of the account, Jasmine had to send a picture of herself holding the code that was emailed to her by Instagram.

"But because the person had deleted all my pictures and the account was now empty, I was met with the same response every time: 'We’re sorry, we can’t give you access to this account or process your request because your identity does not match the information on the account’."

Losing access to the account left her 'heartbroken'

After realising there was no way to regain her account, she said: "I was absolutely heartbroken. I worked really hard on the page and spent a lot of time on my posts.

"I felt like I was going through a break up, I was crying one minute and then shouting at my phone the next.

"It wasn’t so much about the followers, I was more upset that 8 months worth of posts and progress pictures had just been deleted.

"I had two weeks away from social media to think about whether I wanted to start over, and after that time I realised I really missed the account and didn’t want to let someone take away something I enjoy."

Fear not! Her new fitness account is up and running

After the social media cleanse, Jasmine made a new account under the username jaz__fitness on Sunday 20th October.

When asked about her new fitness account she said: "At the moment, I am just trying to rebuild my page one day at a time. I’m going to post daily just like before."

After she posted a video about her experience, she received messages from other people saying the same thing had happened to them.

"Everyone said they had no help from Instagram and were left starting back at square one," she said.

Hackers can be prevented, here's how:

If you're worried about your account being hacked, changing your password regularly and not having the same one for all of your accounts is a simple but important preventative measure.

It also helps to turn two step verification on. If anyone was to ever guess your password, they would also need another form of verification (e.g. confirmation by email or phone number) to get into your account.

Jasmine also advised checking if emails from Instagram are legit, and not hackers posing as Instagram.

"There are some nasty people out there that don’t care how many followers you have or how much hard work you’ve put into your page," she said.

Despite the setback, Jasmine still has the support of brands such as MyProtein, and said the support of other brands "may come back to me in the future" but for now she is "excited to have a new account, posting what I love again."