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Are you a pink or a blue Quad Vod? Take this quiz to find out

Pray you’re not an orange one, ew

Sobar Tuesday is arguably the best Soton night out of the week. Yes, entry’s a fiver, and yes, the queue for the bar (not to mention the girls’ toilets) takes roughly five thousand years. But what Sobar Tuesday also features is Quad Vods: A whole glass full of alcoholic deliciousness, for the low low price of £2.

Where else could you get incredibly drunk for less than the price of a meal deal, or your daily iced coffee? Quad Vods are undoubtably the highlight of any Sobar experience, and are even almost worth the hours it takes to queue for them.

But here, the biggest problem arises: Blue or pink Quad Vod? It’s a very loaded, and serious, question. Do you go for blue, the BNOC and the safe option? Or do you get pink, which tastes far nicer but for some reason people always judge? Of course you don’t choose orange, because you’re not a heathen.

So, which Quad Vod are you, really? Take this quiz to find out: