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Mayflower FC’s Social Sec resigns over racist chanting video

He said: ‘You’re represented by the company you keep’

The Social Secretary of Mayflower FC has resigned in wake of a video of members of the society singing racial slurs whilst on a social.

In Snapchat videos obtained by The Soton Tab, members of Mayflower FC can be heard singing "there was one naked n****r on the bus".

The full video of the chanting can be seen on The Soton Tab Instagram.

The ex-Social Sec told The Soton Tab: "You're represented by the company you keep and what does it say about me if I let myself be associated by racists. It's sickening."

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Screenshots from the incident on the bus (see the full video on The Soton Tab Instagram)

The social sec added: "If the person in question doesn't leave, there will be a mass walkout of players. I have zero tolerance for this behaviour.

"We do not condone this behaviour and would like to apologise to anyone that has been offended."

In his statement on the Mayflower Football Club's Facebook page, the ex-Social Secretary said to he rest of the club: "In light of recent events and quite frankly disgusting behaviour, I have been forced into a decision which I have made with a heavy heart.

"Unfortunately this club has morals that do not align with my own, so therefore I can no longer be affiliated with this club.

"With immediate effect I resign as Social Secretary."

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Earlier today, The Soton Tab reported that members of Mayflower Football Club had been singing the racial slur on the U2C on Wednesday night, before their social in Oceana. Multiple sources sent the Snapchat video to The Soton Tab.

In the wake of the initial story, members of Mayflower FC have reached out to The Soton Tab. One member said: "This wasn't members of the society, it was one person who chanted it."

Another told The Soton Tab: "Can you please disassociate Mayflower FC, as this was not Mayflower FC but the individual."

Mayflower FC's President said the video "could be interpreted as racism," and told The Soton Tab: "The video currently has no link to the club." They have since confirmed that the player will be removed from Mayflower FC.

A spokesperson for the University of Southampton told The Soton Tab: "The disgraceful behaviour shown in this footage is completely the opposite of what we stand for as a diverse and inclusive University.

"We will investigate this matter further with the Students’ Union and if the individuals involved are students of the University we will take firm disciplinary action."

To see the full video, head to The Soton Tab's Instagram.

If you see any incidents of racism on campus, we want to hear about it. Send tips to The Soton Tab Instagram or email [email protected]