BusSoc member wears ‘Greta Thunberg is Aspergers af’ to white t-shirt social

The society says the incident ‘tarnishes the reputation of all white t-shirt socials’

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A University of Southampton student has been pictured wearing a t-shirt reading "Greta Thunberg is Aspergers af."

The student was photographed in Sobar on Tuesday night, where he appeared to be on Soton Business Society's white t-shirt social. The slogan was written on his shoulder, and "Aspergers" was spelled "Asburgers."

BusSoc denounced the student who was seen wearing the statement, claiming he had "acted alone," and said they feel the incident "tarnishes the reputation of all white t-shirt socials".

White t-shirt socials are regularly held by societies at universities across the UK. BuSSoc told The Soton Tab they are "a fun night and a great way for students to meet new people."

Last year, Lancaster University's Snowsports Society were suspended after someone on their white t-shirt social was pictured wearing tops which had written on them: "Sandyhook woz bantz" and "I've got muscles coz my dad raped me."

Earlier this year, Coventry University's dodgeball team members were pictured wearing t-shirts with swastikas drawn on them, and slogans such as "the Jews deserved it."

In January, Newcastle University's Mechanical Engineering society wore t-shirts with anti-Semitic slogans drawn on.

BusSoc told The Soton Tab: "Every single year, loads of societies at different unis across the country have a white t-shirt pub crawl.

"It’s a fun night and a great way for students to meet new people.

"Obviously, we as a society cannot be responsible for every single word that is written on every single shirt.

"This one individual that we do not know has acted alone and it is absolutely against what BusSoc stands for.

"We are an inclusive society and we are shocked and upset by the actions of this one individual.

"We do not condone this behaviour in any way."

A University of Southampton spokesperson said: "The University is committed to supporting, developing and promoting equality and diversity in all of our practices and activities.

"We aim to establish an inclusive culture, free from discrimination and based on the values of dignity, courtesy and respect, and we condemn any behaviour that does not live up to those values."

SUSU have been approached for comment.

Featured image credit: Instagram via @gretathunberg