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Which Soton halls do you really belong in? Take this quiz to find out

Halls identity crisis: solved


Each Soton halls has its own character. It's safe to say there's somewhere for every type of student.

But with such a wide variety of student accom, how do you go about picking the right one for you?

If you're in halls rn, you might be living boujee, close to town, away from all the Portswood peasants and Highfield hoi polloi, making drunken mistake after drunken mistake.

Or you might be working on your BNOC status in a halls close to campus, rocking up to Stags' karaoke every Thursday and then hosting the maddest after-party.

Many of you can look back over the rollercoaster that was first year, and may be curious to discover if you chose your halls wisely, or not.

Whatever the case may be, this quiz will help you figure it out.