What percentage Portswood are you? Take this quiz and find out

Does Tariq Manzils know your name, though?

Ah, Portswood. It’s absolutely rancid, but we love it. Soton might not have the best nightlife, be the best uni or have the fittest students, but what we do have is Portswood in all its glory: Rats, mould, and Tariq Manzils.

Last year, Portswood rats started swimming up drains and emerging from people’s toilets – which apparently was common issue because “the council are having troubles with the drains”?! No one in Portswood was able to have a non-stressful poo in WEEKS.

Portswood isn’t all rat-based horror scenes, though. We have Trago Lounge, where you can make yourself feel fancy by getting brunch; Sobar, where you can have a banging night out for the price of a meal deal; and, of course, Manzils.

So, do you know your Charcoal Grill from your Chic O Land? Are your legs toned af from hiking up Church Lane? What percentage Portswood are you, really? Take this quiz and find out: