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The Business Soc football promo video is potentially the greatest thing you’ll ever watch

It’s a keeper

There have been a fair few promos kicking about The Portswood Students Group, but the Business Society Football team has taken the cake for its quality content.

In their promo vid, BUSSOC members are filmed answering a series of football-related questions, but their answers are the jokes part.

Sham Shakil, captain of the BUSSOC team, said "there are a lot of intramural teams, but we (BUSSOC) are all about the culture."

"We wanted to make a funny recruitment video that represented us, and get the BUSSOC name out there."

Although it doesn't show the team's practical footy skills, the promo definitely hints to what the socials will be like, with one team member holding up a beer saying, "I fucking love BUSSOC."

If you do Business, like football and have a sense of humour – BUSSOC might just be for you.

Video credited to Nathan Southard and Sham Shakil.