Soton’s best dressed graduates of 2019

Wow, ur all fit AND smart

So, you’ve finally got a degree and you’re proud of yourself and your mum probably cried, cool. But we all know that nowadays, success doesn’t REALLY count unless it’s all over your Insta.

Passed your driving test? Whack your certificate on your story. Did well on an essay? Better do a boomerang of “celebratory drinks with the girlies”!! Got a degree? You have to post a ‘gram in your sweaty graduation gown. I’m sorry but it’s basically the law.

Last week, people were returning to Soton for one last time, to throw a hat in the air, have a fancy meal, and (most importantly) to pose on the Redbrick. So without further ado, here’s Soton's best dressed graduates of 2019:

Rosie, Fashion Design

Poppy, Marine Biology with Oceanography

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Southampton, I’ll Bsc-ing you

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Hannah, Fashion Management

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Dzaim, Marine Biology with Oceanography

Livvy and Rebecca, both History

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grad part 2 w my hun??

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Maciah, Chemistry

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2:1 Integrated MASTERS in Chemistry ?. RUSSELL GROUP UNIVERSITY. Two words…. But God. Thank you Southampton for an incredible 4 years, I have grown so much as a person, and gained so many wonderful memories that will be cherished for the rest of my life. I also want to take the time to thank my wonderful friends. Especially FiFi and Preye for being such supportive friends at my graduation. You da real MVPs. Love you guys ?The rest of you know who you are…. the ones who have prayed with/for me interceding on my behalf. (Virtually everyone)The friends who have uplifted and given me tears from joy and laughter (Shona you get a special shoutout). Those who have given me wise counsel. Those who have put up with me screaming ‘I’m going to fail’ even though I never did (sorry about that) ???Thank you all. And finally the biggest shout out goes to Jesus. I know he doesn’t have favourites but I’m convinced I’m His favourite. I mean look at me! Beautiful, smart… the list doesn’t end ? But in all seriousness I shouldn’t be where I am. People often tell me “you don’t look like what you’ve been through! ” and that is completely right. Don’t get it twisted y’all, life has been hardddddd on me! I have had to overcome REAL obstacles in life… some of which I’m still climbing…but we move. The point is, as much as it’s been hard and I’ve wanted to give up, God’s hand has been on my life, pushing me, blessing me and giving me a reason to fight. He has made a way! Be encouraged. Anyway well done for reading this much ?? (testimony pending). Now enjoy the uploads ?. • • • • • • • #graduated? #graduate #chemistry #researchscientist #brainsandbeauty #success #overcomer #godsfavourite #blackgirlmagic #melanin #brownskingirls #wealth #houseofcblondon #hotgirlsummer #citygirls #favour #wonthedoit #bridepricewentallthewayup#tooblessedtobestressed

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Lauren, PPE

Niall, Mechanical Engineering

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Smiling through all the debt I’ve created ?

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Rebecca, History

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The best three years??‍?♥️

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Adriana, Law

Oli, Marine Biology with Oceanography and Luke, Applied GIS and Remote Sensing

Anisah, Audiology

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Alhamdulillah, all praises to Allah, for allowing me to pass my Master and officially graduated with Master in Science ( Audiology) from University of Southampton. Even though I am uncertain on most of the things in life, but I am certain this is among the things that I want to achieve and couldn’t be more grateful. Today, i am more humbled to say I did it. Maybe to some Masters is so easy whilst might be hard for others, but it is different for me. All the hard work, effort, and tears are finally paid off. I am not a bright student as I always played it safe since high school but I am so proud of myself by pushing myself beyond the boundaries to get what I want in life. To some, it might be just a Masters degree but for me, it is indeed a huge milestone. Btw, it was scorching hot yesterday so I am really appreciating the sun ❤️ More convocation photos are coming!

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Tanisha, History

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best end to the best three years ?‍?♥️

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Anna, History

Edmund, Philosophy

Ellie, English and Spanish and Meg, English and French

Tianna, Geography with Oceanography

Marcy, Geography

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Couldn’t have asked for a better three years ?

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