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Soton is the best university in the country for studying music

And we’re 24th overall!

The University of Southampton is now the best university to study music in the country, according to The Guardian.

Southampton is also now 24th in the country overall, but this means we've gone down one place since last year.

Soton was given an overall score of 64.9 out of 100, based on factors like how satisfied final year students were with the course and teaching, and graduate career prospects.

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As well as being the best university to study music at, we're doing well in other subjects too. Soton came third in the country for Media and Film Studies, fourth for Philosophy, eighth for Modern Languages and Linguistics, and 10th for Business, Management and Marketing.

We're also pretty good at Engineering, coming fifth in the country for Civil Engineering, sixth for Electronic and Electrical Engineering, and 11th for Mechanical Engineering.

Soton needs to up its game in some subjects, though: We came 48th for History, 46th for Economics, 40th for Psychology and 39th for English and Creative Writing.

Overall, 83 per cent of Soton final years were satisfied with the quality of their course, and 86 per cent with their teaching.

82 per cent of Soton graduates had a job or were in further education six months after graduation, which is the same as graduates from York and (somehow!) one per cent higher than graduates from Oxford.

Portsmouth managed to beat us with an overall ranking of 21st, but Solent and Bournemouth tied at a pretty awful 73rd place, so we're doing alright. Solent and Bournemouth both scored 51.3 out of 100, with only 68 per cent of Bournemouth graduates in a job or further education within six months of graduation.

The Guardian have also put together a handy guide to Southampton. Apparently 14 per cent of Soton students went to private school, 71 per cent are from the UK and 10 per cent are older than 30.