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We found the ‘Lodge Road sleeper’ and got his side of the story

Six months on and finally we learn why he was snoozing on a wall

You may remember an article we published six months ago about the mysterious boy found asleep on a wall on Lodge Road. To see the original video, check The Soton Tab Insta story.

In the months since the article, there has been no information as to who the boy was or why he was sleeping on a wall in the early hours of the morning.

Until now.

To refresh your memory, it all started when some lads from the Lacrosse team were making their way home from a night at Switch. They told The Soton Tab they were all "absolutely steaming after one too many Jaegers and VKs – as standard."

One of the boys, Ronaldo, stopped off at Dersim to pick up a kebab as the rest of his mates carried on without him. By the time he caught them up, near Lodge Road, he noticed that his friends started laughing hysterically. When they turned the corner, they saw a boy asleep on a wall.

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Of course the boys took multiple pictures with the sleeper – on flash – and then became worried when he still hadn't woken up. While they debated calling an ambulance, the mystery man suddenly got up, to their relief.

Despite being able to walk, the boy didn't speak and just laughed when the other lads asked for his name. Since the story, we have all been left, both, in awe of this man's ability to fall asleep on a wall and desperate to hear his side of things.

Well now we can. The Soton Tab recently received a message on Instagram from a guy named Liam who confirmed that he is, in fact, the Lodge Road sleeper. And he's not even a Soton student!

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The man himself

Liam told us that he was down in Southampton visiting a mate and, as you can tell, got a bit too drunk. He was on his way to a house party after "pres, a pub crawl and a night out at Rebel" and "got lost along the way".

Somewhere along his journey he must've just given up and called it a night, accepting he wouldn't be able to find his way back to a bed. Liam told us that he thinks he fell asleep on the wall at around 3am – not long before Ronaldo and his friends found him.

Liam claims that he has no recollection of meeting the Lacrosse boys and had absolutely no idea the whole thing had happened until his cousin (not a Soton student either) sent him the video the boys took of him, which had gone round on Snapchat.

In fact, Liam's cousin and his friends didn't even know it had gone public. His mate at Soton was telling someone the story, unaware that it had been shared by The Soton Tab, until he was shown the post.

Liam told us: "The video and the article is the only reason I knew what had happened", he added that it was a shock that he managed to forget something that so many people were talking about.

After all this time, we are glad that we've uncovered the mystery and hope that the Lacrosse boys can reunite with their new mate! Liam is also grateful to Ronaldo for giving him his moment of fame.

To see the original "Lodge Road Sleeper" video, check The Soton Tab Insta story.