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Female student followed home from Switch by man in an ‘Anonymous’ mask

She was followed back to Mayflower halls at 1am


Students at the University of Southampton have reported being followed home after nights out by a man wearing an “Anonymous” mask.

A 19-year-old Psychology student told The Soton Tab she was on her way home from Switch at 1am, when she was followed through Watts Park and down Commercial Road, towards Mayflower Halls at 1am last week.

The student said she and her flatmates confronted the man outside her halls and asked him what he was doing, to which he replied: “I like it.” Other students have reported seeing the same man lurking outside halls.

The student told The Soton Tab another man saw her being followed and came to help. She said shouted at the masked man and told him to remove the mask.

She continued: "I then walked as fast as I could while the other man was speaking to him.

“I made it back to Mayflower where my flatmates were waiting outside for me".

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The student reunited with her flatmates outside Mayflower. At that point, the masked man reappeared and stood opposite them.

He was still wearing a mask, made famous by the film V for Vendetta and worn by the protest group Anonymous.

After shouting at the man and asking him what he was doing, he replied: "I like it".

The student texted her friend who was still in Switch, to alert her to the masked man. The friend told The Soton Tab she later saw the man outside Guildhall. She said: “He didn’t follow me home, most likely because I was with two other people. When I came home I reported it to 101 and they sent a police car immediately”

Both the Mayflower security and the police have been informed. The student said that Mayflower security "went around and checked he wasn't still stood outside the gates".

The student also rang 101 and they sent a patrol car out to look for him.

The man was seen half an hour after the incident outside Guildhall wearing the same mask.

Later that night, another student reported that they had seen the same man – it appears he's targeting people walking around the area alone.