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Ruby Wax has been announced Southampton University’s new Chancellor

The American comedian will start from 1st May 2019

Southampton University announced today that Ruby Wax, best known for her acting and comedic roles, and for serving as a script writer for "Absolutely Fabulous", has been appointed Southampton's new Chancellor.

Wax has been recognised as a mental health advocate and for her work as Patron for the British Neuroscience Association. Her role as an ambassador for the charities MIND and SANE, led her to earning an OBE.

She graduated from Oxford with a master's degree in mindfulness based cognitive therapy in September 2013. She also teaches business communication in the public and private sector, with clients including Deutsche Bank, the UK Home Office and Skype.

Wax Tweeted that "She's so proud to become Chancellor of Southampton University".

She also told the University: "I also hope to engage the University community more closely in my activities focused on mental health so that together we can explore how to overcome the stigma of mental health in society, especially amongst younger generations."

The University describes the role of Chancellor as "the leading ambassador and formal head of the University."

Wax will begin her duties as Chancellor of the University of Southampton from 1st May 2019, succeeding Dame Helen Alexander, who served as Chancellor from 2011 until her death from cancer in 2017.