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We spoke to the Jesters DJ about his new Jesters logo tattoo

Jesters were so pleased they’ve given him free entry FOR LIFE

It seems a Southampton student began a trend when he sent a picture of him getting the Switch logo tattoed on his leg to our Instagram.

We've now been told that one of the DJ's at Jesters recently got the logo tattooed on his arm. As this is one of hell of a commitment to one of the worst clubs in the UK, we decided to ask him why?

He started off by calling it the "palace of dreams" and that it's a place he will always consider a home, so he wanted to get something to show this.

He said that "the club is run for the students, by the students" and that "the kindness of the staff who love and care for each other sets Jesters apart from anywhere else he has ever worked" – overall he's a big big fan.

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Stage one of the tattoo

More importantly of course, he got the tattoo because of the perks Jesters were willing to throw in. In fact, Jesters were so onboard with the idea that they paid for it AND gave him free entry for life.

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Stage two!

Although he may be hitting his mid-20s, he plans to stay at Jesters for the foreseeable future and continue to play the same playlist that we all know and love.

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Yesters to Jesters!