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Soton’s Most Eligible Bachelorette: Heat Two

They’re all ridiculously good looking

Your second round of bachelorettes are here! It's safe to say the bar has been risen as they're all very fit and one of them's a dancer. Who should go though to the final?

Eva Roberston-Smith, Fashion Marketing & Management

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Eva is said to be the ultimate life of the party and is apparently a pro-skier. Her friends say she loves an "ASOS model-type" boy and is a true Scot at heart. The best three words to describe Eva would be: "outgoing, wild and witty".

Ideal first date?

Going out for drinks (basically she loves getting pissed).

Annabel Sanders, Marine Biology

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Annabel's mates described her as basically a slightly shorter version of Cara Delevigne. If you recognise her, it's probably from any retro music event in Soton. She's also a big name in the dance world being president of contemporary. Oh, she also loves dinosaurs.

Three words to describe Annabel are: Sleepy, chatty and caffeine-addicted.

Ideal first date?

Going to the cat café in Bournemouth.

Tianna Barefoot, Geography and Oceanography

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Because her friends promise "She is the bookiest of all the booky ladies" – not sure what that means, but it sounds fun! She's also got impeccable style and is the events manager of Applebum in Soton – so she's got her shit together and can probs get you discount tickets.

Three words to describe Tianna would be: Fun, sexy and independent.

Ideal first date?

"A classy dinner followed by a dutty rave".

Remember, nominations are still open so send them in here, it's still all to play for. Now it's time to vote for your favourite:

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