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What your uni room says about you

Which one are you?

Moving into university halls can be difficult for some, but with all this newfound independence us students always find ways to make life at university as homely as possible.

Since moving in, I have noticed that uni rooms can really tell you a lot about someone’s personality, and I’ve narrowed it down to the five most typical characters you can find at the Uni of Soton.

The Indie type

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They are most likely to be found listening to Lana Del Rey on vinyl, definitely own a collection of lighters for the "aesthetic" despite not smoking, and has a love for anything with the word "vintage" plastered on it. Urban Outfitters is their second home.

The Mess

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Either this individual spends most of their time procrastinating, often just by lounging around, or they're always so insanely busy they never have time to tidy. Either way, they're well-known for turning up to lectures late. Their floor has also probs never seen a vacuum in its life.

The Gym Lad

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Probably spends more time in the gym than in lectures, and loves updating Snapchat in every gym sesh. Can be found in the kitchen mixing protein shakes and preparing for bulking season.

The Neat Freak

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The one who actually does their work on time, keeping their room constantly tidy and organised. A surprising rarity to find at uni, definitely a control freak who usually spends their time either at their desk or in the library.

The Noise Complaint

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The musical one of the flat, and also the loudest. Well known to disturb other residents and is probably the cause of many noise complaints. Especially when they're drunk.