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The emotional journey of finding a placement, as told by memes

A brief summary of constant rejection summed up in memes

It's that time of the year when most students who want to do a placement year are coming to the dreaded conclusion that they are completely unemployable.

Well don't worry, because you're not alone and there's no way that the entire student population is unemployable…hopefully.

When you first decide to do a placement

This is going to be so amazing! I'll become a working person, I'll be earning loads of money and everyone will want to employ me as soon as I leave uni!

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When you first get through to the next round

This is so easy! I'm going to secure a placement within a month.

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When you get your first rejection

I didn't want that one anyway.

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When you have to do your first verbal and numerical reasoning


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When someone asks how placement hunting is going

Yeah, fine. I mean I haven't applied to that many yet, but I have a lot of applications that I've started.

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Before your first assessment centre

I can do this easy peasy, I'm so good at stuff like this.

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After your first assessment centre

I'm never going to be able to get a job that involves an assessment centre…

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When the first few people start to secure placements

Wow…well done…I am so happy for you.

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After your third assessment centre

Please, anyone, someone, hire me.

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When people ask if you've found a placement yet

Why would it concern you?

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When everyone you know has secured a placement

What is wrong with me. I am useless. I really thought I was better than them. My life is a lie.

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When you get your seventh rejection

That's it, no where will employ me, I have no future.

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When you secure a placement

I mean obviously I was going to get a placement, I knew I would all along.

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