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A teaser for the second Pres Hen campaign video is out and you could call it ‘genius’

The full video will be on YouTube tomorrow

Henry Hill impressed many of us with his first campaign video that was a three-and-a-half minute rap song about his presidential policies, alongside some fancy shots of Henry in various places around campus and Portswood High Street.

As this video was pretty fast-paced, Henry is releasing a part two in the style of the YouTube Genius vids, where he breaks down all the lyrics from the first campaign video and explains exactly how he's going to achieve each point. The full video is scheduled to go up tomorrow but a one minute teaser has just been posted on his Facebook.

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For those of you who don't know what Genius videos are, firstly, welcome to the world of YouTube, secondly, they're videos of singers going through the meanings behind their song lyrics. Here's an example:

In his video, Henry goes through some of his lyrics, such as "seats in the library fill up the whole time, I want to sort out this crime" which he expanded with: "I just often don't get a seat so needs sorting out".

He then refers to the lyrics which criticise the gym for being "a mess". He explains that the issue may be that it's too small or too crowded, he's not sure but he'll sort it out.

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Finally, he reiterates that he's the people's vote and finishes the video on a teaser of how he plans to finance the free tampons.

The full video explaining his points in further detail will be on YouTube tomorrow. Watch the teaser video here.