‘I can eat a whole pizza in under a minute’: Bad Boy Pizza Soc’s Henry Hill is running for SU President

He considers himself ‘the people’s vote’

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The President of SUSU is a hugely important role, filled by someone who believes they will best represent Southampton students for the next year.

Henry Hill, one third of Bad Boy Pizza Society, feels he's the one for the position. We spoke to him to ask the important questions that we all want to know the answers to. Here's what he said.

Why do you think you’d be good in this role?

Firstly, I’m a natural leader, I’ve always ended up in positions of authority, whether in sports teams throughout school, or in group projects with uni work, and I feel very ready to commit to a larger role. Secondly, I have presidential experience with Bad Boy Pizza Society, which has taken-off massively this term. BBPS also reflects my willingness to take responsibility into my own hands, as me and two friends started the society last term with no help, and have been committed to it ever since.

What is the most important point in your manifesto?

To tackle the current food situation. I want to bring cheaper, healthier, more delicious grub to our students mouths as well as providing more superior food options to the veggies, vegans and celiacs out there.

What is the first thing you’d change if you were elected?

I would introduce a banging SU night on Fridays. I want all the aspiring DJs, singers and entertainers to have the opportunity of performing to a live crowd should they want to.

What area of our Student Union do you think needs the greatest improvement?

I think we need to improve awareness of how students can contact the SU team, as well as improving the communication in general. This should be done through revitalising the SUSU website as well as the multiple social media platforms.

What makes you different from the other candidates also running for the same position?

I see myself as the people’s vote. I believe that on a deeper level than the other candidates, I can connect on a personal level to your average uni student. I see myself as a friend to everyone, but this role will mean I can take what my fellow students say and make sure that it’s heard. I jumped at this role because I honestly feel like I’m the type of person that SUSU needs to make university a better environment for the masses.

How would you celebrate if you won?

Head straight to Stags, have an ice cold pint and wait for all this to blow over.

Any secret talents?

I can eat a whole pizza in under a minute.

What is the maddest thing you’ve done since being at Uni?

Throughout uni, I have been chasing the dream of a sub 3 second pint chug. And finally, in my last term I have managed to destroy my PB and reach the elusive 2 second bracket.

Favourite post-night-out food

As many of you know, I’m a strictly pizza man. However, after a couple brewskis I’m a sucker for anything. That being said, get me to Charcoal Grill.

What is your favourite Soton Tab meme