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Southampton’s Cutest Couple 2019 – The winners

‘If we win, I’ll treat her to a pint’ – lucky gal

So, for the last two weeks we've asked you guys to nominate the most loved-up couples in Soton, who are known amongst their friends for being super cute, best mates, a jokes pair or just a bit saucy.

We can now reveal that the couple that Southampton students consider to be the ultimate dream team are… Jamie Finnigan and Angela Ramsay! Woohoo!

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Jamie was nominated by his mate, who told The Soton Tab that Jamie wanted Angie from day one but couldn't make a move because she had a boyfriend throughout first year. Angie eventually split with her bf, and her and Jamie became good mates – she apparently used to moan about her course to him until Jamie eventually convinced her to change onto his course, and they quickly fell for each other during study sessions.

When Jamie and Angie got through to the final, Jamie said :"If we win, I'll treat Angie to a celebratory pint"… whoever said romance is dead?!

We asked the pair what it means to them to win and they said: "It's very unexpected but we'll celebrate it with that promised pint and a pizza in Stags, dilly dilly".