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A rundown of the 2019 SUSU candidates and what they’re campaigning for

And so it begins

On Monday, SUSU announced who will be running in the 2019 elections for the Sabbatical and Student Office roles. The candidates have nominated themselves, and will be campaigning over the next few weeks in order to try and win your vote. The winners are due to be announced on the 8th March.

As there are a lot of candidates, each with extensive and detailed campaigns, here's an overview of each campaigner and the key areas of the University that they hope to improve.

Union President

Henry Hill:

Henry is one of the founders of the Bad Boy Pizza Society. Part of his campaign is to provide a platform for aspiring DJ's, singers and entertainers and to improve the "dire food situation on campus".

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Aaron Page:

Aaron is in his sixth year at Southampton, soon to finish his PhD. After six years here, he believes he's "made the most out of being a student" and "wants to make sure everyone else does too". Part of his campaign is building students CVs by promoting careers and employability opportunities.

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Nikhil Mukherjee:

Key points in Nik's campaign include ensuring a financial guarantee from the University to the Union and encouraging a supportive atmosphere for students with mental health difficulties.

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George Fairweather:

In his campaign, George states that he is "passionate about people’s emotional wellbeing". He is pushing to provide support and awareness for people suffering alcohol misuse and appropriate support for victims of sexual abuse.

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Emily Harrison:

Emily is our current VP Student Communities. In her campaign she says: "I’m incredibly motivated, dedicated and, with a year of experience and relationship-building, believe I am absolutely the best person to lead the Union."

Key points in her campaign are to ensure withheld lecturer strike pay is used to benefit students and to improve transport links to NOCS and SGH.

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Henry Oliver- Edwards:

Henry appears to be a snowman and the key points in his campaign are memes, bees and the fact he can juggle.

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VP Welfare and Community

George Hart:

Key points in George's campaign are to increase support services at all the campuses and "lobby the university to DRAMATICALLY improve their support services".

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Daphne Li:

Daphne aspires to improve student wellbeing. Key areas of her campaign are to increase Sexual Consent Awareness and Support for Victims and to increase Access to STIs Information and Contraception on Campus.

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Laura "Elizabeth" Barr:

Laura is the current President of the Sexual Consent Awareness Society and Southampton Hub. She is pushing to improve accessibility, experience and follow up of support services on all campuses, and create clear procedure for reporting rape and sexual assault.

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Fleur MacInnes:

Fleur has been the Equality and Diversity Officer for 18/19. She promises to improve visibility of diverse commemoration periods, like Trans Awareness Week and promote sustainability through student led initiatives and eco-friendly partnerships.

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VP Activities

Fiona Sunderland:

Fiona is campaigning to create more storage space for societies and to make use of professional venues on campus.

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Corin Holloway:

Corin is an electronic engineering student and currently on the committee for six different societies. Part of his campaign is to improve the website, especially the society membership system and get societies involved in SUSU events.

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Abigail Mustard:

Abigail is pushing to improve awareness of smaller societies and enhance university support given to committees.

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VP Education and Democracy

Joanne Lisney:

Joanna is promising to implement better communication between university and student if deadlines are missed and push for full digitisation of course collections.

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Jessica Harding:

Currently the History Department’s Academic President, Jessica is looking to introduce equal initial university provided printing credit for all and further develop the representation for Joint Honours and Post-Graduate.

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Sebastian Graves-Read:

Sebastian is currently studying his masters in Law and hopes to better the Personal Academic Tutor system and introduce an open door policy.

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Evelyn Hayes:

Key points in Evelyn's campaign are committing to regular Student Forums which lead to tangible change and ensuring that facilities are consistent across all Highfield and beyond.

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VP Sports

Olivia Reed:

Olivia is pushing to help societies with club management, increase publicity of Team Southampton and focus on welfare within sport

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So there you have it, click on their names to read more about what they plan to do if they are elected.

Voting will open on Wednesday 6th March and close on Friday 8th, when the winners will be announced.