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A round up of Soton’s maddest Insta stories since September

Moral of the story: Southampton students are gross

Southampton Uni has really out-done itself this academic year. There's been juicy SU politics, fucked-up lecturers, VC's being paid too much but, more importantly, there's been A LOT of Soton students doing hilarious and tragic things around the city.

You guys haven't stopped sending these amazing videos and pics to The Soton Tab Instagram since September, and so we've decided to do a round up of the very best of what you've sent.

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Naked curry fights in Manzils

A tradition that got taken too far…

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Rats swimming up students' toilets

Many students haven't had a peaceful pee since this went on the Insta.

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A guy found asleep on a wall by Lodge Road

He was sound asleep and looked v comfy.

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A halls flat wrapping all their mate's belongings in X-mas paper while he was home

Only cost them £6.

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A couple caught mid-handjob on the Jesters' dance floor

So juicy!

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A fresher swimming in a puddle on Portswood High Street

This was in December… poor, cold fresher.

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A couple caught post-bonk in Hartley

They weren't even subtle.

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A cocky fresher throwing up at a halls FC initiation

He vomited soon after shouting "initiations are too easy".

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Someone pooing on a plate and leaving it in their flatmate's room

So many questions…

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A student who got the Switch logo tattooed on his leg

Switch is his fave club so that makes it okay.

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The whole of Jesters going A cappella because the speaker broke

Nothing can stop us.

A flat paying £45 on fake snow for their halls

They really wanted snow.

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A guy getting his arse out in the Parfait glass cube

We added the emoji because the vid was a bit too saucy.

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This poor boy falling down his stairs

He got up after, all good.

A halls flat turning their boiler room into a Santa's grotto

…and then a Love Shack for V-Day.

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The BBPS crew getting pizza tattoos on the Naples tour

They just love pizza.

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A guy doing a shit outside Jesters, in front of the bouncers

Plus someone stepped in it.

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This unbelievably heavy sleeper

Yes, that is part of a tree.

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A half naked guy outside Turtle Bay


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A student managing to do a forward flip into a bin

This was actually v impressive.

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A lad climbing to his third floor flat in Mayflower Halls because he lost his key

He just wanted his bed.

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The Glen Eyre security caught hard at work

We all feel v safe now.

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A student being escorted home by the police after accidentally breaking into someone's house

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He tried to break in using his head.

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Students giving their mate a terrible short back and sides

Apparently he was low on money.

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A Mayflower flat filling their mate's entire room with balloons

He was not pleased.

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The Maths FC singing carols around Portswood

So wholesome.

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A guy pretending he shat himself in Switch because he "had nothing better to do"

He was a forth year as well.

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A giant double ended dildo hitting this girl in the face

Best night of her life.

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