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How to survive when your best friend goes on a year abroad

Pls don’t leave me to tackle Hartley by myself

You spent two years laughing, crying and stressing together. You supported them throughout the hefty application process, helping them decide their year abroad destination. Now, they've gone and you're left to face the big wide world of uni all by yourself. What do you do?

Go into denial

Just literally pretend they're still in Southampton with you? What better way to survive your best friend being 11, 740 miles away (or the length of 234,800,000 Freddos – would like to thank my engineering housemate for the freddo maths btw) than to just crop them into every picture?

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Thankful for the cut and stick feature of Snapchat xxx

I'm joking, don't go into denial mode, that's terrible advice.

FaceTime LOADS

Plan FaceTiming like it's your next hot Tinder date. This will be your main source of communication during ya bestie's year abroad so figure out time zones and when you'll both be awake so you can have a cute catch up in your dressing gowns.

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All looking our finest, clearly

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Don't ignore my drunk FaceTimes pls hun xx

Give each other all the goss

Just because they're miles away, doesn't mean they don't care about the 7 day deals Iceland has to offer and the fact someone took a literal shit on their housemates plate!!

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Updating each other with all the important stuff

Tell them about the latest break ups, how you're still spending £100 a lecture to be read from a powerpoint and how loudly people still eat in Hartley. They'll appreciate it, I promise.

Continue to support each other

They were your rock for the whole of uni and that doesn't have to change now. Cry on them about the thousands of words you have to write whilst they're tanning on a beach somewhere. You can repay the favour whilst they're in third year and you're in the graduate world!

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Long distance Hartley slapping is key to success

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Spoiler alert: I did both

Remind them you still love them lots

Just because they're living their best life abroad doesn't mean they don't still need your love and affection. Sneakily find out their address (mums are very helpful for this) and surprise them with birthday cards, advent calendars etc. to make them feel included!

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Moonpig is your new best friend

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If you don't get an advent calendar, then something's not right xx

Plan a meet up

If you're lucky enough for your bestie's year abroad to be in Europe, it's the perfect excuse for a cute break. However, if they're further afield plan a meet up! We were pretty extra and planned to meet in Thailand, but even a simple Nandos will be something to look forward to!

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You'll see me in 6 months with my basic baggy elephant trousers huns xx

Remember it's not forever

With the stresses of third year and all the new friends you're going to be forced to make because you've been ditched, time will fly by. Count down the days until you're reunited and get ready for your friendship to flourish even more.

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Drunk texts are the best <3