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Southamptons’s Best Couple – Heat Three

It’s gettin’ hot in here

The final heat of Soton's best couple is here, featuring the last three nominations that have been shortlisted before the grand finale on Sunday. We received so many good nominations, and narrowing them down was actually hell. But it's cool because we have made it. Now it's up to you – vote for your favourites below.

Zara Knights and Emma Villaverde, Psychology and Maths with Spanish

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Zara and Emma have now been together for two years and nine months, having met in first year. According to Zara, Emma was completely straight before she came along and managed to turn her. They're both 22, and are the cutest couple. They describe themselves as "completely gross" and have "no shred of mystery left in their relationship", but that is exactly how they like it and wouldn't have it any other way.

Although Emma can't handle her drink (despite her wise old age) and is an "absolute dribble mess" (Zara's words, not ours), Zara loves her anyway. Their relationship survived Emma's year abroad, which is no easy task, and they're still going strong today.

Jess White and Sam Ward, Engineering and Education

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These guys met nine months ago when they were both contestants on Southampton's Uni's own Take Me Out in the Bridge. She left her light on for him and the rest is history. For their first date, they got pizza, then went bowling, where Sam did not hold back. Since then, Jess says everything has been a competition. They've visited Montenegro, Amsterdam and New Zealand together, and have a running joke that if they were ever to break up, they'd have to do it in Bora Bora!

Jamie Finnigan and Angela Ramsay, Economics

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According to the person that nominated them, Jamie lusted after Angie for the whole of first year when she had a boyfriend. Jamie even admits to making her change course from Computer Science to Economics so he could chirpse her. At the end of the year, after getting her to do some Economics homework with him, their romance blossomed. What cuties.

Now it's over to you – vote below for who you believe should go through to the finals.