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Here are Soton’s most tragic break-up stories

‘Welcome to dumpsville, population: you’

Very few things are more painful than a break-up. Tragically, they're something we will all experience multiple times in our lives.

They can be heartbreaking, embarrassing, or simply hilarious, and they are definitely something that will stay with us for a long time.

With Valentine's Day tomorrow and loved-up couples at every corner, we've decided to put together your worst break-up stories, so we can all enjoy the juicy gossip, laugh and feel better about ourselves. Here's what you had to say…

He turned out to be gay

I broke up with my boyfriend after realising that there was no "spark" in our relationship. Surprisingly, he took it really well and the break-up was easy.

A few months later, I was catching up with a mutual friend of ours. He told me that he had recently downloaded Grindr, and one of the first people he saw on there was my ex.

No wonder he took the break-up so well.

He sent me a message via bank transfer

After we broke up, I blocked my ex on everything. The only way for him to contact me was via bank transfer. He sent me £20 with a notes saying "can we talk for one last time?" £20?! Was worth it tbh.

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I broke up with him during sex

I realised I was fed up and bored of the guy I was with. During sex I just said "this isn't for me anymore, sorry". Safe to say he wasn't very pleased.

My mum threw a water bottle at him

My boyfriend of a year came round to my house one afternoon. As soon as he arrived I could tell something was up.

Later that day he broke up with me in my bedroom. My mum could hear me crying from downstairs and could tell what had happened, so came up to my room and threw a water bottle at his head.

I broke up with her over FaceTime

I broke up with my girlfriend over FaceTime and then immediately got with the girl I'd been speaking to for a month in Jesters.

That girl is now my girlfriend and we've been together for a month.

He just blocked me

My ex just blocked me on everything? He didn't even have the balls to break up with me, but I defo got the message.

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I broke up with him and he called my parents

I got bored with my boyfriend so ended it. He called my parents about it, and then cried when I took my stuff back.

We had post break-up sex five times

Pretty self-explanatory, but it was great.

He was scared of spending the rest of his life with me

My boyfriend said he broke up with me because he could see himself spending the rest of his life with me. Where's the logic there?

He only got back together with me because he hadn't been able to shag anyone else

I found out that my boyfriend at the time had only gotten back together with me because he hadn't been able to get laid when we were broken up for half a year.

After finding this out, I broke up with him over text and then went on a mad one in Jesters to get over it. I decided to sneak off and go to get my stuff from his at 1:30am in the morning. I then realised I'd left my keys in Jesters so demanded to sleep in his bed.

I ended up drunkenly weeing myself in his bed while passed out and yet he still bought me Domino's in the morning to say sorry.

I looked like his mum

After spending the night with this guy, he said he didn't want to see me again because his friends pointed out that I look like his mum.

As a Psychology student I found the whole thing quite Oedipus-like.

He used High School Musical Lyrics

A friend of mine broke up with his girlfriend by texting her the lyrics to 'I Gotta Go My Own Way'.

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It took a whole afternoon to end things

I broke up with my girlfriend of four months. I decided that the best way to do so was in person, hopefully through a mature conversation.

She decides that the best way is to cry, beg, plead and guilt trip me for two and a half hours straight to get me to stay with her.

I had friends waiting for me elsewhere and had to text them under the table to tell them no, I haven't died, I've just been breaking up with my girlfriend all afternoon!

Welcome to dumpsville, population: you

I once had a guy text me saying "you're fired". I didn't understand, so he sent another text saying "welcome to dumpsville, population: you". I got it after that… what a knob.

He dumped me after being spanked by a stripper

My ex-boyfriend's family decided to take us on a surprise trip to a strip club where they made me watch a stripper undress my then boyfriend and spank him.

He then dumped me after this for being annoyed.

It was over the phone, an hour before New Year

I laugh looking back at it now, but I was broken up with over the phone an hour before New Year saying that they never loved me and were ending it.

I thought the New Year was going to be shit but I'm stronger than ever thanks to the lies.