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A love letter to Galentine’s Day, one of the best days of the year

Ovaries before brovaries

If you’re not sure what Galentine's Day is, it’s the day before Valentine’s Day – so basically, Valentine’s with your gals. A day for celebrating girl power, friendship, and hopefully not crying over fuck boys.

I had my first ever Galentine's Day when I was in Sixth Form. My family were away for the weekend, so I was home alone, in charge of feeding the dog and making sure that the house didn’t burn down. One of my best friends came for a sleepover, we got a meal deal from Waitrose (that we barely managed to cook, even though it had very explicit and easy-to-follow-instructions), and probably watched a film like John Tucker Must Die.

Fast-forward four or five years and I’m so excited to celebrate yet another Galentine's Day this year. Whether you’ve been single forever, have only just started talking to someone or have been in a relationship since you were twelve, Galentine's Day is for you. It’s more than possible to celebrate Galentine's Day on the 13th February, and then Valentine’s Day on the 14th – if you’re single, you could even have two days in a row of Galentine's with your mates.

Staying in

If you say you’re having a Galentine's night in, people may conjure up an image of you and your mates crying in bed, eating ice cream straight from the tub and watching The Notebook. It has the potential to become a bit Bridget Jones – but don’t let it.

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Hoes before bros

Have a cheese and wine night (or an anything-and-wine night), cook some yummy food, dance around the kitchen in your PJ’s and do face masks. Girls nights in can be some of the funnest nights, and there doesn’t have to be a single mention of Hannah’s weird Tinder boy or Lily’s horrible ex.

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Ovaries before brovaries

Cute drinks and yummy food

Some people would say that just going out and doing something is a nice, happy medium between staying in (potentially sad) and going out-out (potentially shitfaced). Going out for food is fantastic whatever the season – and nothing says Galentine's love like food.

You could take yourselves out for a fancy dinner – loads of restaurants have Valentine's set menus that can be a bit pricey but often include drinks and can be decent value for money, as well as an excellent excuse to get dressed up and treat yourselves. Or, you could just go somewhere like Scoops – who doesn't love pancakes?

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Uteruses before duderuses

Stepping it up a level from going for food, you can never go wrong by going out for drinks – Turtle Bay and Revolution are always great. If you're super organised, you could go around different Happy Hours at bars in the city centre, so you never have to pay the extortionate price of cocktails. Make sure you get a mildly-cringey Boomerang of all you girls clinking your glasses together for your Insta stories, as well.

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Mates before dates

Going out-out

Gather all your girls, find a banging Spotify playlist, and spend three hours doing your makeup whilst drinking prosecco. Make sure to wear your favourite outfit – that skirt that makes your legs look incredible, or the top that always makes you feel yourself.

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Bellas before fellas

Tonight is not the night that you should be on the pull. Instead, go to your favourite club (there are loads of cool event nights around Galentine's and Valentine’s Day), drink yummy drinks (no tequila here, please), and have the best time that you all deserve. Get a Deliveroo or stock up on your favourite snacks as your hangover food for the next day. You’re worth it, baby.

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Sisters before misters

Enjoy yourself and celebrate your gals because they'll be the ones holding your hair back and wiping your mascara tears when Galentine's Day undoubtably gets v messy.

Love from your Galentine's x