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A Soton fourth year has made a PowerPoint-style Tinder to prove he’s marriage material

He can cook and has Netflix, what more could you want

After a girl tweeted screenshots of fourth year Mechanical Engineering student Rizal’s PowerPoint-style Tinder profile, he got his own back in the only way he knew how – by taking the piss out of himself.

Rizal’s Tinder is full of photos, the promise of trips to Sainsbury's, and even has a four-star rating from his Mum – what more could you want?

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His Tinder has a classic presentation-style layout, giving the reasons you should swipe right on him, as if it were a PowerPoint presentation.

Rizal spends his time “wondering what to do" with his life – don’t we all, Rizal, don’t we all. His other hobbies include spending every Thursday night at Stags' Karaoke, belting out The Script and "making nicknames for people".

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Rizal’s Tinder has been successful in the past. When he was sixteen he had his “first ever date and first proper kiss” with a girl he met on there, and the two even dated on-and-off for a while. He’s since been in other relationships but has been single for the past two years.

In the "Qualities and Services" section of his presentation, he explains that he's a "family man", has a good sense of humour, "once got 17k retweets" and has "good fitness and stamina" (with a winky face) – there's no doubt, he's a catch.

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A student from Brighton, posted screenshots of his profile, asking "why do people do this shit?" and calling the people who make these presentations "lame".

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When Rizal was sent the girl’s tweet last week he initially didn’t want to respond, but eventually felt an urge to quote-tweet it, in his usual "self-deprecating manner".

Rizal quote-tweeted it and gave the brutally honest answer to her question: "Cos I’m ugly".

Rizal’s tweet has since gone viral, with everyone saying they actually love his profile and would defo swipe right – she clearly doesn’t know what she’s missing.

The positive replies Rizal's tweet received included a girl saying "damn I think it's actually super cute, I'd super like tbh" and a guy admitting, "real talk, I'd swipe right and I'm straight".

Rizal has had other tweets go viral. Last March one of his tweets racked up over 50,000 likes – even Lily Allen liked it.

Ladies, if you're interested, DM his Twitter here.