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A Soton fresher’s entire bedroom was wrapped in clingfilm as flatmates punish her for going out during exam week

Her flat hoped it would help her re-evalutate her sesh-head behaviour

Any student can tell you that during exam week even going out for "one drink" can be risky business, let alone going out-out.

Sophie, a student living in Monte Halls, ditched her revision mid-week for a cheeky night out in Oceana. She arrived back at her flat the following morning after spending the night at a guy's house on Archers Road. You go Glen Coco.

Right about now I would usually commend Sophie for her dedication to the sesh, but according to her flatmates, Sophie is a serial offender and her irresponsible behaviour has landed her in trouble previously. According to flatmate Dan, she has even dislocated her knee in Jesters before.

Dan told The Soton Tab: "So Sophie is a sesh-head that went too far on a night out and dislocated her knee in Jesters. Since then, she hasn’t learnt from her mistakes and decided to go out during exam week so we thought we would teach her a lesson."

Dan and the rest of the flat (Liam, Ellie and Anthony) did the logical thing and decided to punish her. Whilst Sophie was out getting lit and getting it on, they got to work wrapping her entire bedroom in cling film and tin foil. They even covered her windows with post-it-notes.

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The curtains were also clingfilmed – how thoughtful

Was Sophie surprised to find her room in this state? Her initial reaction was to scream: "For fuck's sake."

Luckily for the flat, Sophie saw the funny side after the initial shock, stating she thought her flatmates had "done it well". Luckily, her flatmates filmed her reaction so everyone could see.

This was not the end of the drama, however. After all, her flatmates also ditched revision to spend an hour and a half defacing their flatmate's bedroom – where was their punishment?

That's right – you guessed it. Sophie got her revenge.

Dan received a taste of his own medicine when he discovered all his condiments and spices had been given the tinfoil treatment.

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Lost the Peri-Peri salt – what a nightmare

Dan said: "Sophie has taken action into her own hands and the pranking wars have begun."

There is now a fully fledged flat war brewing in Monte Halls but the question still remains, did Sophie learn her lesson? Personally, I think her dedication to the sesh is so strong, even clingfilm can't contain it.

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All the flat smiling together – for now