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Rejoice! The stolen Michael Bublé cutout has been returned home

Christmas is not cancelled!

Earlier this week, The Soton Tab reported the sad news that someone had stolen a third-year house’s most treasured possession: a Michael Bublé cutout.

In news that fills our hearts with festive joy, we are happy to report that Bublé has been returned, safe and sound, to his rightful owners.

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The house had thrown a Christmas-themed house party to help set the festive mood for the last week of term, and of course their guest of honour had to be their cardboard cutout of Michael Bublé. Unfortunately, one of the guests stole Buble, leaving the house devastated just before Christmas.

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Matt, the owner of the cutout, reached out to us to help spread awareness and get Bublé home.

When we posted about the disappearance on our Instagram story, we received an anonymous tip-off that Bublé had been seen in Mayflower Halls, on a Snapchat story. After posting this information on our Insta, we started receiving pictures of Bublé in unknown locations.

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When Matt found out that Bublé was in Mayflower, he immediately remembered one of the guests mentioning that they lived there. After messaging the suspected robber, he owned up to it straight away, being "impressed with the manhunt” to find Bublé.

We decided to message the thief to see if he had anything to say for himself. He explained: "I only stole Bublé because I was shit-faced and saw a good looking man I just had to bring home with me". Apparently he quickly realised he was in trouble when "the man hunt started on The Soton Tab". Naturally, the thief and his flat had connected with Bublé in the short time he was there: "He was one of our own, we hated to see him go".

In true Christmas spirit, upon Bublé's return there were no hard feelings, the boys sat down, talked it out and went for some beers.

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We asked Matt whether the robbery of Buble has had any lasting affects. He admitted that perhaps it had as after a social last night, in his drunken state, he folded Bublé up and tucked him away in the bathroom cupboard… maybe to prevent any more Bublé-nappings.

Even so, after a worrying few days, now that Bublé’s back home, Matt is “over the moon” and the housemates all feel their Christmas has been saved.