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A man has been arrested following an attempted knife attack on the Common yesterday

Three people are being treated for their injuries

Three people are being treated for injuries after a man in possession of a knife was threatening members of the public near the Cowherds Pub yesterday afternoon.

Police were called to the Common around 4:15pm and recent reports suggest the man was "tasered and arrested".

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An anonymous witness told the Daily Echo "We were walking across the main green and heard a lot of shouting and screaming… [The man] let [a woman] go and ran about 20 yards and then there was loud bang, like a taser sound". They also noted seeing "something shiny" in the man's hand.

Another told us that when their housemate tried to cycle through the common yesterday police stopped her from going through.

A 34-year-old man was detained on the scene using a taser and is now in police custody.

There have also been reports that Milton Road had been closed off and police officers were seen entering a student house, however we are still unsure as to if the two incidents are related.