Vote now in the final of Soton’s Maddest Fresher 2018 to crown your winner

Don’t freak out but this is a pretty big deal


The final has arrived! Out of the nine nominees for this year’s Maddest Fresher, these are the three first years you guys thought were the maddest.

Each nominee’s story is different – we’ve got one-night-stand disasters, painful VK incidents and misjudged wardrobe pissing.

We also spoke to the contestants to see if they had any final words for their fans.

They’ve shown commitment and endurance in their first few months of uni, but who will you crown Soton’s FIRST EVER Maddest Fresher?

Emma Harris, Sports Science

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Apparently, drunk Emma equals angry Emma. One night she came back from Switch, ripped her curtain down and managed to pull her radiator of the wall. She then finished the night with a sprained wrist after she attempted to kick a bottle of VK.

Emma urged people to vote for her because “then I wouldn’t have sprained my wrist for nothing and could maybe get someone to help me fix my curtain…also just funny to win something like this, right?”

Archie Ball, Accounting and Finance

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Archie achieved a lot in his Freshers’ Week. In just seven days he climbed onto the roof of a moving taxi, pissed in a girl’s wardrobe on a one-night-stand thinking it was her ensuite and accidentally drank piss out of a can mistaking it for cider. He also purchased a tattoo gun off the internet and whipped it out in pres.

Archie said people should vote for him because his “name is literally balls” and “fuck it it’s freshers”. Apparently winning this would also mean more to him than his degree.