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A Michael Bublé cutout was stolen at these third years’ house party – we want you to help us find him

He was stolen from their house party on Saturday

It’s the most wonderful time of the year – for most of us, at least. Sadly, for third year Matt and his housemates, "Christmas is ruined".

The house threw a banging Christmas-themed house party on Saturday, to help spread festive cheer and get everyone’s minds off deadlines. Unfortunately disaster struck when their guest – the man, the myth, the Christmas icon himself, a cardboard cut-out of Michael Bublé was STOLEN.

The house have no idea who the thief is, so Matt reached out to The Soton Tab to help find the Grinch who stole Bublé, and get him returned in one piece.

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The cardboard cut out of Bublé was having a great time, listening to his own songs, drinking mulled wine and eating mince pies. He was very popular with all the guests at the party, with everyone queuing up to get a photo with him.

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However, one of the guests is definitely on the naughty list this year, because they obviously got a bit over-excited about Bubes and decided to snatch him away. Not a very Christmassy thing to do at all.

Matt and the rest of his house are obviously distraught. To them, "Bublé wasn't just a piece of cardboard, he was like another housemate". They've been living with Bublé for about a month, and although he did sometimes scare them, they're all really missing their "fifth housemate".

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After The Soton Tab posted the distressing news on our Instagram story, nearly 200 people have sent angry reacts in response, agreeing this is just one step too far.

One source has recently told us that Bublé was last seen in Mayflower, on a Snapchat story. She has confirmed that "Bublé is still intact", but she doesn't know of his exact location.

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Oow bubes

Seen anything suspicious around Portswood? Has your flatmate got a new man in her bed? It could be Bublé – help us find him for Matt, and get Bublé home safe and sound, in time for Christmas.

If you have any information about Bublé be sure to get in contact with us at The Soton Tab – message our Facebook page, help us spread the word and Christmas cheer and most importantly help Bublé come home.