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Three Soton third years set up ‘Bad Boy Pizza Society’, now…where do I sign up?

Bad boys and pizza…what more could you want?


Southampton's Bad Boy Pizza society, which launched earlier this semester, is for anyone who loves sitting around, eating pizza and talking about how great it is.

Every two weeks the group meet up in a pub/restaurant/pizzeria, eat pizza and review it on their Instagram. The more reviews they've done, the more companies know about them and the more pizza deals the society get! And they even have their own merch.

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So how did this rogue society come about, you ask? Three third years – Sam Clowes, Josh Oliver and Henry Hill – decided to take a trip to Brewdog Southampton at the start of the year in order to take advantage of a "free pizza when you buy a pint of Punk IPA" deal. From there the ideas started flowing and within five minutes of sitting down, their Instagram was established – @badboypizzasoc.

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From the onset, the society has never lost its momentum, now having over 200 active members in their Facebook group, and fortnightly socials that fill the available spaces within minutes.

Getting the university involved was never on the agenda for the bad boys, as they needed as much freedom as possible for unique socials and their very, very clean merchandise. They pride themselves on their inclusivity and base their whole society on community. All new members are welcomed into the society with open arms, whether you like pineapple on your pizza or not.

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With their following on the rise and collaborations with SEMSU and SUSURF, they manage to arrange BBPS discounts regularly. Students throughout the city are constantly looking for a cheap meal, so this is the perfect excuse to get together with a solid group of bad boys (and girls) to discuss your love for pizza.

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Josh and Sam

The three founders of the society do all the work themselves, including design, organising socials and trips, and arranging exclusive deals with local pizzerias. However, it’s the community that stands out as one of the most tight-knit group of pizza lovers of all time.

The success of the society has pushed the boundaries, leading to some of the best society merchandise, which will be on sale this Saturday at their launch party (see their Facebook for more details).

So, if you want to be a part of the Bad Boy pizza society, join their Facebook group, follow their Instagram and keep your eyes peeled for future events! It’s completely free!