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The Lodge Road sleeper: Who is this mysterious boy found asleep on a brick wall after a night out?

The boys who found him are still desperate to know who he is and be his mate


Last week a group of boys sent us one of the best videos we've seen so far. The video shows them walking home after a night out and finding a boy peacefully asleep on a brick wall by Lodge Road.

The full video is on The Soton Tab Instagram.

Unfortunately, in their drunken state, they never managed to get his name and so they reached out to The Soton Tab for help, keen to find him and thank him for making their night.

We spoke to Ronaldo, the boy who sent us the video, to find out more details of the night.

Ronaldo and his mates were enjoying yet another Lacrosse social night out in Switch, they were apparently "absolutely steaming after one too many Jaegers and VKs – as standard." It had gone 3am and some of the boys decided to leave.

Ronaldo popped into Dersim to get a quick kebab (of course), while his friends went on without him. As he caught them up towards Lodge Road he noticed his mates started slowing down and began to laugh hysterically. When they turned the corner they saw a boy asleep on a wall.

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How is he comfortable?

As random sleeping men on brick walls isn't something we come across often here in Southampton, the boys decided to capture the moment.

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cute x

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frens 4 lyfe

After multiple flash pictures and very loud laughing, the boys began to worry that he still hadn't woken up. They debated calling him an ambulance, then suddenly he just got up. Ronaldo said when he woke up they were "well gassed for him – but also happy he was genuinely alive and well and not in too much trouble."

When the boy got up, the group made sure he was able to walk. They asked for his name but apparently he just laughed and made his way home. The boys wish him well and want to thank him for a jokes night they'll never forget.

If you are the mysterious Lodge Road Sleeper, or perhaps you know him – get in touch by messaging us on Facebook, he's made mates for life!

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