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We taste tested Soton’s favourite Christmas drinks to find out which is best

A lot of very sweet, whipped-cream-topped drinks, we’re going to go throw up now

What's the meaning of Christmas? Everyone has a different answer to this: family, love and understanding, food, getting drunk, the list goes on. Whatever Christmas means to you, if there's one thing that gets students over-excited around Christmas time, it's when their uninspiring coffee break turns into a chance to try a different, magical Chrimbo drink everyday!

The choice is hard, and nothing kills the Christmas spirit quite like spending £3 on a shitty drink. With this in mind, we went out to explore Soton students' fave coffee stops, tried all the Christmas drinks they have to offer and found out which is best.

Nutcracker latte, Coffee #1 – 5/10

The whipped cream was perfect and the golden balls (chocolate coated biscuit balls) were delicious. The coffee itself was very sweet and a bit overwhelming. If you have a sweet tooth, this ones for you. Looks better than it tastes.

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Gingerbread latte, Cafe 42 Starbucks – 6/10

The gingerbread latte is a classic. Each year it's a must, however, I wasn't a fan of the sprinkles. They were quite bitter and too chewy. The gingerbread syrup was also a bit too sweet (I recommend two pumps instead of three).

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Gingerbread latte, Coffee #1 – 7/10

Definitely the best gingerbread flavour. Not just sweet and biscuity but authentic. I could taste the spice of the ginger and I liked it. Coffee #1 whipped cream is fab, I did have to pay extra for the sauce though (I got caramel).

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Caramelised orange hot chocolate, Costa – 8/10

Wasn't very Instagram-able and looks very underwhelming, but on the plus side it wasn't too sickly, the orange gave it a bit of a twist too. All in all it was delicious, would have it again, I fancy it now tbh.

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Golden spice hot chocolate, Coffee #1 – 10/10

The spices bring out the rich flavour, definitely get cinnamon on top because it actually makes it. A really Christmassy drink and delicious. Refreshingly different to your mainstream costa shite.

Warning: Can leave orange stains on your hands and face.

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