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We spoke to the fresher that got the Switch logo tattooed on his leg

The tattoo also earned him free entry into Switch for the year

After we opened our nominations for this year's Maddest Fresher, we were sent a variety of hilarious stories. However, one has so far stood above all others.

This fresher decided to get the Switch logo tattooed on his leg because he thought "it looked cool" and has now earned himself free entry to Switch for the year.

Although this story is certainly worthy of a Maddest Fresher nomination (keep them coming in!) we decided to speak to Robbie, the newly inked fresher, to find out all the hilarious details.

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Robbie on the left

Robbie explained he's been going to Switch since he was 18 and is a big fan because "the music is good and you're guaranteed a good night". Apparently one drunken night he was telling his mates from home how great the club is and jokingly suggested he would get the logo tattooed on him.

It became a running joke between Robbie and his friends, until one day him and his mate were on their way to a lecture they didn't want to go to, so they decided to go get the Switch logo tattooed instead. And that was that.

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Within two seconds of leaving the tattoo place, Robbie explained: "Two lads stopped me and asked if I’d got the Switch logo on my leg…I knew at that moment I had made the right decision".

Robbie added: "The logo is a cool shape on its own anyways along with all the fun club connotations. Plus my second name is Scott so it all kind of links, sorta". Does it?

Robbie posted the pic on his Instagram and tagged Switch, asking if this could win him free entry.

Switch saw the pic and posted it on their Facebook page, promising "if this photo reaches over 1,000 likes, the guy that decided to get our logo permanently tattooed onto his leg will receive FREE entry for a year".

The photo managed to get over 2000 likes.

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Robbie said he "saw the post the next day after work and was gassed, it was mad." Apparently the post reached 1000 likes in less than an hour.

Robbie's clearly very chuffed with his new tattoo and his year's supply of free entry into his fave club. Not only this, but Switch have also given him free entry this Thursday to Camelphat, plus 10 mates, a VIP booth AND a £250 bar tab! Getting a club logo tattoo seems like a great idea tbh.

When asked if this was now the start of a whole leg of logo tattoos, Robbie said: "Don’t think I’ll get anymore club tattoos because there is no where quite like Switch, but thinking about getting the Boomtown Festival logo and/or the Rampage Festival logo." Fair enough Robbie – he's defo living his best life.