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We asked people from other unis what they really think of Soton students

Apparently our only legacies are the Jesters ambulance and the Switch Shitter

Southampton is loved by its students for many things: being home to the worst nightclub in the country, midnight curries at Manzil's and the infamous Oceana cheese room, to name a few. But what do students from other universities really think about us?

We asked students who go to other unis all across the UK to find out whether Southampton uni is as loved by all as much as it is by us.

Jamie, 22, Sheffield

It's somehow dry and moist at the same time.

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Ella, 19, York

I've heard it has a good shopping centre.

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Honor, 19, Manchester

I heard about the guy that shat himself in a club and have wanted to visit ever since tbh.

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Inigo, 19, Birmingham

I was pretty excited to visit because I'd been told about the beauty of Jesters and its Four Corner Challenge, it didn't disappoint.

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Laura, 19, Bristol

It's never anyone's first choice, everyone seems to get in there through clearing which is why they're always up for a good time.

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Finn, 19, Leeds

I wanted to apply but figured I'd also quite like to have a job after my degree.

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Kotryna, 19, Glasgow

Two words: Jesters ambulance.

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"Two words: Jesters ambulance"

Rachel, 19, Sheffield

Where even is Southampton? It's just mentioned in Pass Out by Tinie Tempah.

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So there we have it, apparently we're not as popular as we might have thought. In fact, we seem to be really quite disliked? At least we know Jesters has made a national name for itself!