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Are you Soton’s maddest fresher? Nominations are now OPEN!

Get nominating, you c-r-Azy freshers

Southampton students have already been getting up to a lot of mad shit this year: stripping off in clubs, mental house parties, shitting themselves at Switch, tragic sex confessions, the lot.

There are clearly loads of freshers out there doing crazy and hilarious things and we want the world to know about it!

Are you known for being up for every night out, even if it's Parfait Sunday? Have you already made a name for yourself around halls? Do you always get too fucked up, even at "chilled drinks" in The Stags? Have you already managed to do something outstandingly embarrassing in the couple of months you've been here?

Cringe one-night stand stories, funny A&E incidents, tattoos, shaved heads, too many illegal substances – we want it all!

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Do you think you or your mates are eligible to be crowned Soton's FIRST EVER maddest fresher? If so, sign them up below.