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A New VK Flavour is Coming to Oceana this Month

As well as a launch party with GIANT VK bottles

Christmas has come early for Southampton students as Oceana will host one of a small number of launch parties for the new VK flavour – watermelon.

Over the summer, the VK team asked the public to choose what they wanted to be the next flavour, alongside their other seven favourites: blue, orange and passionfruit, tropical, apple and mango, black cherry, strawberry and lime, and ice.

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After receiving over 33,000 suggestions as to what the new flavour should be, an astounding 19,000 asked for watermelon.

It's no surprise that students love VKs, so much so that they've been rated number 1 by students for FIVE years running. In celebration of this, VK watermelon parties will take place in ten student nightclubs this November, including one of Southampton's favourite Oceana.

The party will offer samples of the new watermelon flavour to try for the very first time, as well as a photo booth full of VK props. Ocies will also be decorated entirely with VK goodies, including giant VK bottles for you and your mates to pose with.

The event is expected to sell out so you VK enthusiasts are encouraged to get your tickets ASAP!

The party comes to Southampton on Wednesday 28th November.