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Hundreds sign petition calling for new Southampton VC to take a salary cut

Staff launched the petition arguing a better distribution of wages is needed

Over 400 people have signed a petition to lower the salary of Southampton University's new Vice Chancellor, who is set to start in Spring.

This follows the resignation of Christopher Snowden, the current VC, following outrage over his £433,000 annual salary, and £72,000 pay rise amidst job cuts and faculty reductions.

The petition was launched by staff members from the university, who argue that a better distribution of wages is needed. They have outlined a set of demands they believe need to be met, including a requirement that the new Vice Chancellor must "avoid further cuts to frontline staff" as well as use "a management style that embodies the values of the university".

They have also called for the salary of the newly elected VC to be "no more than 20 times the salary of the lowest paid employee in the university".

This comes after complaints that some members of staff are not being paid enough, with a spokesperson for the UCU, Catherine Pope stating there are "other staff in support roles that are not on the proper living wage…the discrepancies between a £433,000 pay package and what some staff are living on is one of the things that people have real grievances over."

The university opened up a survey designed to collate the input of both university students and staff. According to a university spokesperson "this will be followed by more extensive liaison with different internal and external stakeholders" before a decision is made.

The petition is set to be presented to the university council, Southampton's governing body, who are meeting on the 28th November 2018.