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20 laptops were stolen from unoccupied desks in Hartley last week

Librarians are warning students to take their laptops every time they leave their desks

Over the last week, a number of students have noticed library staff have been warning people not to leave their laptops unattended. Notes have been left on unoccupied desks warning "If my hand has been here, someone else's could have too."

One student said she left her laptop while she went to the toilet and when she returned this note was on her table.

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A member of staff then came over and warned her not to leave her belongings and when she explained she didn't feel it was necessary to take her laptop with her to the toilet, the staff member urged her to do so from now on because 20 laptops have been reported to have been stolen this week alone.

Although the signs remind people of the risks that come with leaving their laptops unattended, students feel it should be made clear that there have been a number of thefts and so these notes need to be taken seriously.

One student said, "I didn't realise laptops were actually being stolen. Now I know this, I definitely won't leave my laptop. As a third year, my laptop has so much important, irreplaceable documents on it – I'm shocked that people are stealing them knowing how important they are to students"

The Soton Tab have emailed Hartley Library asking for any more information they might have. We will continue to update you.